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At Financial Planning Investment Group, we provide services in the following areas:

Financial Planning

Families can benefit greatly by assessing their current financial situation and planning for their financial futures. This ‘planning’ involves taxes, investment decisions, lifestyle considerations and estate disbursement choices. In addition to financial well-being, benefits of your financial plan may include:

  • Wealth preservation
  • Planning for retirement
  • Funding college education
  • Deferring/reducing incomes taxes
  • Family gifting
  • Creditor protection
  • Providing for family members with special needs
  • Charitable gifting

Establishing a financial plan for your family’s future can be the first step toward achieving your lifetime goals. 

Financial planning services are offered through our investment advisory firm, Asset Planning Corporation.

    Money Management

    Clients opting for fee-based accounts are interviewed and their goals, risk tolerance, financial situation and investment suitability determined. Investments are recommended based on this assessment. Managed accounts are reviewed on an ongoing basis and recommendations made for rebalancing or adjustments to the portfolio. Clients with managed accounts meet with the advisor annually (at a minimum) and are free to consult via telephone with the advisor as needed.

    Fee-based accounts are available through Asset Planning Corporation. There are minimum account balance requirements and fees are set as a percentage of account balances. A complete description of the management fees is available in the Asset Planning Corporation form ADV, Part 2A and 2B.

    Brokerage Accounts

    Brokerage accounts are established via our broker/dealer, Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. Client funds are held at our clearing firm, Pershing LLC. Further information on both of these entities can be accessed through our Link Page.

    Holdings inside retail brokerage accounts may include mutual funds, ETFs, stocks and bonds. Investment recommendations are made pursuant to evaluation of the client’s financial position, investment objective and risk tolerance.
    Brokerage accounts are commission-based. Trading activity within the account generates commissions. Additionally, the broker/dealer will assess termination fees. Costs are disclosed prior to investment.

    Product Sales

    In some instances products such as life and disability insurance and/or annuities may be appropriate and beneficial to the client. Our advisors are licensed to sell these products, and as independent agents, are able to assess various products and suggest the best option.

    Insurance and annuities are commission-based products. Fees will be disclosed prior to purchase.