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Fee Based Investing

Through our advisory firm, Asset Planning Corporation, we are able to offer fee-based account management. The CMAP* managed accounts at Cambridge Investment Research Inc., a Broker/Dealer offer you the comfort of knowing that your advisor is compensated by fees based on your account’s balance rather than commissions generated by trades in your account. Managed investment holdings may include mutual funds, ETFs, bonds and stocks.

Commission Based Investing

For clients in certain situations commissioned-based investing is more suitable. We endeavor to make the best investment recommendations for our clients based on their needs, financial situations and risk tolerances. Our commission is secondary to those concerns. Risks, fees and expenses will be disclosed prior to investment.

Insurance And Annuity Products

We are an independent firm and hold no affiliation to any particular insurance or annuity company. This frees us to make the most suitable recommendations to meet our clients’ needs. These products are constantly changing and may provide valuable benefits in addition to investment growth potential. These products are commission-based and fees will be disclosed upon request.

*CMAP managed accounts may require certain account minimums.